when teachers actually start teaching on the first day of class


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"if she only wants you, don’t worry about who wants her"

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Word to ya motha

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Oprea.. I just began following five mins ago and I'm scrolling down your page, you are amazing (: can you tell of your tattoos tho? How many and of what?

I appreciate that! I I currently have 5 tattoos.

1) two hands in the shape of a heart on my back shoulder

2) a lion on my shoulder

3) an elephant blowing out of it’s trunk on my shoulder

4) queen Nefertiti on my shoulder

5) the eye of Horus in the center underneath my boobs

My QUEEN! You are amazing! I bet you are as intelligent as you are beautiful.

I’d like to think so! Haha thank you ❤️

You are GORGEOUS! ❤️Just had to tell you that.

🙈 awww thanks 😘

You are absolutely gorgeous!...wow!

Thank you!



Shoutout to all the artists on Tumblr who work on something for weeks and only get 4 notes

Shoutout to all the artists on Youtube who do amazing speedpaints and, if they’re lucky, will get 500 views

Shoutout to all underappreciated artists who do amazing work and receive no recognition

I needed to see this

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