Hey how you doing Darlin? You barley on tumblr uh?

I’m good thanks for asking❤️. And no I’m not on as much as I would like to be, but I do come on here when I’m in need of inspiration from other artists.

Do you have an opinion on whether white people with dreadlocks are culturally appropriative? I always feel myself wanting to ask poc with locs this and I feel like tumblr is an open forum for this type of question. Thanks for your time!

I honestly don’t have a problem with white people with dreads. The comparison as if they are the same as black people’s dreads is what blows me… But it’d be like if a white person were to attack a black person for straightening their hair. Does this mean the black person isn’t being culturally appropriate? No. You can’t really put an ethnicity on certain things. But then again people just love to take things too far.

Love your style it's very unique and your also gorgeous love your dreads awesome blog!!!

Thank you!!!!!!! 😊❤️

why are you so amazing 😏 we should meet sometime

😂 you are so silly. Miss you 😘

officially love you. You slay the ignorance with such grace.

🙈 thank you🌹

You are incredibly gorgeous. And you seem v smart<3

Thank you and uhh Id like to think I’m pretty educated lol ❤️


Thank you 😘